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 Lady gaga - Poker Face video

Poker is a very popular game which is mentioned more and more frequently in media nowadays. Lady Gaga's megahit "Poker Face" is played on all radios and music TV channels.


Australian Singles Chart     #1
Canadian Hot 100     #1

Eurochart Hot 100     #1
Finnish Singles Chart     #1

Swedish Singles Chart     #1
New Zealand Singles Chart     #1
Norwegian Singles Chart     #1

U.S. Billboard Hot 100     #3
U.K Singles Chart     #3

Dogs playing poker - famous painting

dogs playing poker

Don't forget this famous paintin: ''His Station and 4 Aces'' by C. M. Coolidge.

References were made in: The Simpsons, Courage the Cowardly Dog and in many sitcoms.

The simpsons - Poker scenes

The famous series also refers in many episodes to poker and also to the "Dogs playing poker" paintings.

simpsons poker
poker playing

 There is already a poker set with the simpsons:

simpsons poker set

 Another picture:

Simpsons poker

Family Guy - Poker scenes

 Familiy guy is a similar series as The Simpsons (even though not that famous). Here is a funny scene for you to enjoy